Friday, August 14, 2015

Have a fun weekend!

Just checking in! Hello. I am alive and still have a blog! I have not been very chatty about my whereabouts or doings lately. I am trying to change a few things about this space, and while they are mostly ideas in my head or on Pinterest boards right now, I am hoping they will be more obvious in the coming months. Okay yes, It feels good to get that out. Onward...

Summer is flying by, as usual. I am trying to soak it up and squeeze the most out of the season. A couple weeks ago we went on a little impromptu trip to Evergreen and stayed in my friend Brian's family cabin. It was a quick trip with plenty of sunshine and a nice chance to catch up on my Phase 10, whiskey drinking, blue sky gazing skills. These photos are from that weekend as you might have guessed.

This weekend we are planning on staying in the city enjoying some local music, and maybe trying out a new restaurant or two. So many new, great spots to check out in Denver these days!

Have a good one friends!