Friday, January 31, 2014

My selfish month + two little peanuts

When I was in high school, after the holidays ended for the first three weeks in January, we had an alternative schooling called Winterim. It was meant to broaden our horizons past the day to day curriculum and activate new interests and opportunities. One year I went to Greece to study Art History, another I stayed in school but took classes in sewing, stained glass and French cooking. You could intern at a hospital or learn from an alum how to start your own business. I always loved this time because it meant I could dive into my interests full time and not have to worry about math class. I'm not really sure why this is relevant but I think what I am trying to say is for a long time January has been my selfish month. Because I believe that after the holidays and the jam-packed errand running, party attending, working like crazy so you can get a week or so need a little breather. So I took one. And now I have returned to grace you with some adorableness from the holidays...

This Christmas was especially good, because we had two extra little baby girls to help us celebrate. Wesley and Leila both had their very first Christmas! They obviously aren't old enough to really understand what's going on, but it was such a joy watching them interact and observe and be in awe of everything. I was lucky enough to spend a full week with my family in Tennessee, first at my dad's house in Jackson and then in Nashville. This first batch of photos was taken at my dad's house, where we spent a weekend barely leaving the house, cooking like crazy, and refusing to change out of our pajamas, except for 'Christmas' dinner. There was a torrential downpour that night, and my brother-n-law ran outside to save the oysters that he was smoking in the fire and got totally drenched in water from head to toe. It was epic. And so were those oysters. More photos to come, the Nashville edition....

Friday, January 10, 2014


I always try to refrain from being too ambitious when it comes to resolutions. Mainly, because of this very reason BUT if you don't have the courage to try you might never know what you are capable of...Right? so do the facts really matter? I say no. The point is to push yourself and the end result should never feel like failure. Last year I had one resolution-- to read a book a month. I read 6 books. I made it half-way there. But I did listen to many, many audio books on my way to work, numerous podcasts, and came to terms with the fact that even though I would love to call myself bookish...I'm just not. So what, I didn't read twelve books....I did read six, and they were fantastic. 

Self improvement is a continuous process and setting goals is also an important exercise that I like to practice all year round. This year I want to challenge myself more. I want to cook recipes that intimidate me, concentrate on my photography-- and challenge myself to learn new techniques. I want to take my hobbies and build on them, and even create a few new ones. I want to ski down that mountain that makes my legs shake, because I know it will make me better. I want to do things that make me squirm, make my heart race and are beyond my comfort levels. I'm looking forward to you, 2014....let's do this!

(photo of me--left and my lady Kelsey by Aly Aga, graphic found here)