Monday, November 3, 2014

Welcome, November + Halloween.

Hello, lovely folks! It's been a long time, I know. When our home computer crashed back in the spring it pretty much killed my urge to blog on the regular. I was sneaking it in, rushing to get posts completed, and, honestly, the whole thing started to feel like a burden. I never want that for this space. The short hiatus turned into a leisurely vacation, I'll admit. So much time has passed that the seasons have changed....twice (where does the time go?). So, it really only makes sense to start right here, right where we are -- the weekend after Halloween, the 3rd day of November. 

This time of year always feels pretty crazy. So many holidays, back to back to back. When one is over, it's almost a sigh of relief. I definitely feel that way about Halloween this year. We dressed up and went to a party, but we didn't make it a weekend affair like we have in years past. One night and a handful of pictures was good enough for me. I also decided to keep it simple with the costume, grabbing most of it from my closet and filling in the rest with makeup and accessories. I have to say though, it turned out alright. Rob was a ringmaster and I was a gypsy. Side by side, we really made it work, if I do say so myself! Here's a look:
The good news is....we finally scraped up enough money to replace our computer and a brand spanking new one is arriving this week! It feels good guys, it feels really good. So hopefully you will be seeing more of me :)