Friday, August 24, 2012

Have a wonderful weekend!

I love this photo because it is the epitome of August. With the addition of a few glasses of wine or a couple of PBR cans, I can imagine all my friends on this roof. This is what the end of the summer feels like....waiting. It's sad that slowly the warm weather is ending, but I love fall and welcome it with open arms (as long as it lasts more than a couple weeks, ahem Colorado). This weekend I have only a few plans in the works. Tonight I am making Pad Thai and taking it easy. Tomorrow is dinner with buds and later, a friend's vinyl release party. I'm sure more will arise but for now I am fine with just that. Hope you all had a great week and maybe sit on some rooftops this weekend ;)

And, link love....

ACCESSORIZE: with this beauty. Love this shop.

MASK: by Minikin. getting me thinking about Halloween :)

GIRLS: a three year old and a five year old explain the worst haircut ever. so hilarious.

SHOP: bags. these are serious works of art.

RECIPE: Smoky Spanish Mussels. p.s. how to clean and cook mussels, this site is sweet!

SPACES: this South African eatery. and this incredible room.

FALL: on the brain.

COLLAGES: by Beth Hoeckel.

BRANCH: weaving. time for a new project! (and other awesome DIY's)

INSPIRATION: watch. (also watch, I wanna live in this photo shoot)

CUPCAKES: 33 of them.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: Ace.

I've been anticipating the grand opening of Ace for quite some time. It's on my street; I drive by it almost daily, so it makes sense that I pretty much had to check it out the moment they opened their doors to the public. 

Ace is beautifully constructed. Thought out and impressive. 
Here are the things I like: it's a large space that feels open and inviting, there is a ton of outdoor seating and the bar spreads from indoors, fully around to the outside, so you can have access from all angles, the cocktails are killer (and worth the price), the sodas are homemade (that one always gets me)
 and the real kicker: you can rent out ping pong tables by the hour. So brilliant. 

As much as I wanted this place become a regular hangout, I think I'm going to have to wait til the crowd thins down and possibly evolves a bit (which may be wishful thinking). It's a total mixed bag right now which can be hit or miss depending on the night. Foodwise-- it's good, spicy, but good, kinda pricy for what you get, but good. There were a lot of options and I only tried a few so I'm gonna keep working on that one. All in all though, you will find me here again....I imagine fairly frequently...trying to improve my table tennis skills (which as of now are pretty poor).

Monday, August 20, 2012


This is why I love Colorado. This, right here, is about 30 miles away. I've been itching to go to the mountains all summer, and as much as I do like camping, a cabin was what I was really after. Last weekend, my friend Brian made it happen. His grandparent's adorable cabin 'Shack-ri-la' (undoubtedly a homage to my favorite 60's pop girl group) is full of kitschy wonders, old family photos and one particular cupboard that I wanted to raid very badly.We did get out for a hike Saturday afternoon. Mostly though, we played games, sipped on tea, talked, ate, made friends with a fox, napped, and played more games. I pretty much have spent the last week or so since we've been back fantasizing about my own little escape. Someday. Yes, someday. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deep thought thursday...

and speaking of Steve friend Anna met and interviewed him for her upcoming bluegrass documentary! He plays a pretty mean banjo.

Wandering Wednesday: UMS

I was hearing it all over the place-- "this is my favorite weekend of the summer".
I would have to agree, these four days are probably the most exhausting, exhilarating fun Denver has to offer. Done right, you are feeling a steady buzz the entire time. Done wrong, you pick a fight with your boyfriend, get too sleepy drunk and miss the final acts once night 3 finally rolls around (guilty). I learn something new every year. All in all, I saw some incredible local performances including Esme Patterson, Bad Weather California, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Joe Sampson and friends and Nathaniel Rateliff along with some sweet national acts by Atlas Sound, Wymond Miles and Yukon Blonde. It was quite a show. It always is. And always leaves me with a warm feeling in my heart for Denver. You rocked it, again. Thank you.