Friday, September 30, 2011

Have a pretty weekend!

I'm not really sure what the weekend has in store for me yet...a few local ideas include the final Horseshoe Craft market or Justice League of Street Food party. Also, picking up an orange (yes, orange) couch I bought off craigslist. I'm excited to finally have a new sofa. I'll show pictures once the living room feels more complete.

I liked this photo because the other day, while I was on a walk, I was so excited about the beautiful weather that I had this impulse to climb a tree. I felt like a little kid again! I got a little sap in my hair and even a scrape on my arm on the way down but I don't know why we stop doing those things. It's such a lovely way to look at the world.

and, take a look...

EAT: pumpkin bread pudding.

STYLE: hip sisters. (Also, can you believe how much these sisters look alike? I've always been fascinated by almost twins, probably because my sister and I look so different...)

PHOTO: love. I adore the soft feel of these photos.

FOOD: styling.

COLORFUL: apartment and arrows.

HOST: a fall cookout! Love this idea.

INSPIRATION: Rachel Eardley.

(photo via margaret durow)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deep thought thursday...


Last Weekend...

There was a lot happening last weekend; these photos don't even really scratch the surface. But I wanted to share a sampling. Outings involved a lot of shopping-- record stores, book stores, antique stores. A stop at the ice cream store where I have declared my new favorite flavor, blueberry cobbler. Humm...lots more: a show at the Lions Lair, more birthday celebrations, dinner and a movie night, cajun brunch. I think that sums it up. It was so great seeing my sister and Mike. I really do miss them all the time. Also, the leaves are starting to turn which is making my walks around the park so much better! Now I'm gearing up for this weekend. Not so far away!

- Oh and that anchor knife was Rob's birthday gift from me...pretty cool right??

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall trends...

Although it generally takes me a little longer to get dressed in the mornings, I love fall clothes. I decided to compile a little collage of some trends I'm already beginning to see this season, some new. some old. some on their way out. Which ones will you follow? I'm a long skirt kinda gal and already own about a million from thrift stores over the years so I'm pretty excited about that one. Also, who doesn't like wedge get the height without the pain. I'm a fan. I'm still getting used to the nail art trend. I usually don't look twice at my fingernails but I have to say, I'm intrigued.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tunes, Secret Sisters...

I love that old country sound. There is something a little heartbreaking about it. My own sister saw the Secret Sisters open for Ray LaMontagne last week and brought me a souvenir cd over the weekend. I've been listening to them on repeat ever since. I'm totally in love with their voices and style. Doesn't it make you wanna roll down the windows and drive down a winding country road?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Have a happy weekend!

My sister came in town last night and we are spending the day together so this is a short and sweet post. Weekend plans include a lot of sister time of course, more birthday celebrating and my brother-n-laws show tonight. Enjoy it!


EAT: 365 days of breakfast.

PLACES: Lady Bolin's tea parlour! (too bad it's in South Africa...)

ART: Beautiful watercolor.

WATCH: The evolution of...woman's hair.

DREAM: of living here.

(photo via pathings)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deep thought thursday + I'm 27!

Today I a 27 years old. It's kinda crazy! I still feel 26...and 27 sounds so old to me. I took the day off, so I'm gonna go enjoy this beautiful day. Hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Tunes, Wilco...

One of my most favorite sources for new music is NPR's First Listen archive. Artists are on a constant rotation but it allows you to preview an entire album about a week before the release Wilco's new album, 'The Whole Love'. Check it out folks! I was really surprised by the variety of content in this album...some songs are extremely complex, others are the guitar, vocals and pretty melodies we're used to from these guys. I likey!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bits of my weekend...

A very happy birthday weekend it was! It's kinda funny sharing your birthday with your boyfriend (especially since it isn't even my bday for another 4 days, I almost feel like I'm cheating!). But such an awesome weekend, despite feeling rather nauseous most of Saturday. It was filled with friends, cake, bowling, moscow mules, chicken and waffle goodness, presents, and love all around...I feel like a very lucky girl!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Have a grand weekend!

Tonight Rob and I are gathering a few friends and having a joint mini birthday celebration at the bowling alley. My birthday isn't for almost another week (the 22nd, wink wink) but my sister is coming in town for it and I think it's gonna be more of a family oriented affair. Plus, Rob's birthday is on Sunday and so just makes sense to do it together. It's funny how the older you get the more you just kinda want your closest friends gathered in one place. A big party just doesn't suit me anymore. Have a delightful couple of days! Go outside-- hasn't the weather been awesome?!

Also, check out...

ETSY find: Bark.

DIY: terrarium.

The most adorable hot water bottle cover.

Anatomy of bacon.

Pretty carved stamps and knitwear shop.

(photo via gear)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bits of my weekend...

The Tour de Fat marked the main event of my weekend. Rob and I were really close to skipping out but I'm so glad we didn't (we did however wake up too late for the bike ride...but we rode down to the park so that counts, right?). The people watching alone made for an exciting time...along with the beer and crazy oddities of course. I dressed as a butterfly but was so busy pointing my camera at other things that I never really got a proper photo of myself. There were tons of old vaudeville looking stages with different quirky shows happening on the hour. I'm not sure how many years this has been going on but they've really got it figured out. I had a blast and highly recommend it to anyone who lives in a touring town!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Have a wonderful weekend!

I have high hopes for this weekend. I am currently on the hunt for a kitchen table, so thrifting adventures are in my future. I also have quite the hankering to go bowling so hopefully that will be happening. Tonight I am making a pork tenderloin feast, followed by game night and a night cap at the bar. The rest of my plans include the Tour de Fat on Saturday and day of relaxation on Sunday. Enjoy the weekend my loves! See you Monday!

Also, Look what's cool...

EAT: A yummy spin on bruschetta.

Drink: Mojitos.

Beautiful wooden spoons.

Top D.I.Y ideas from the experts.

What's your autumn uniform?

Dear America-- Zara launches an online shop in the USA.

Pretty jewelry.

Reuse...such a fantastic idea!

Soup season is almost here!

A reason to break out my fondue pot.

Inspiration: The Distiller.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wenesday Tunes: Bobby Charles.

Over the weekend, my brother-n-law introduced me to Bobby Charles. Most famously known as a songwriter (he wrote See Ya Later Alligator and Walking to New Orleans), he recorded this overlooked masterpiece in 1972. I love the Cajun and R&B influences in his sound!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bits of my weekend...

It was a really relaxing weekend home to see the family. The folk festival was a lot more than I expected. They had music from all over the world-- from Hawaiian to Irish to Cajun. We saw everything from washboard playing and genuine guitar picking to tribal and river dancing. We stuck it out in the 97 degree heat but it was worth it.
My sisters new house is adorable. They have the best front porch. In fact a lot of the weekend was spent on the porch-- drinking beer, flipping through magazines and listening to am radio. The last two days were rainy and a little cold so we stayed inside, baked brownies and watched Northern Exposure. (Do you remember that show?) I miss the rain.

(photos by me)