Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: Instagram lately + Lakeside

I've decided May is officially the month of birthdays. It makes finding something fun to do pretty easy so I'm all about it. The last handful of photos are from this weekend's trip to Lakeside in honor of my friend Logan's birthday (he's the handsome devil in the 10th photo). I love this place because it doesn't seem like anyone has updated it since the 60's-- the signs are still the same, it's dirt cheap and the rides are as rickety as ever. Most importantly, Lakeside is off the grid, which means as a 27 year old at an amusement park with a large group of friends similar in age (and no accompanying children in sight), I don't feel judged. not one bit. So thanks Lakeside, you're awesome.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: The Buff.

My favorite meal of the day is most certainly breakfast. I had breakfast for dinner last night (isn't that the best?) and can pretty much crack an egg on anything and call it a meal. I hate to feature two brunch joints in a row for my wandering but I can't help it! I find myself going out to brunch way more often than any other meal (I tend to make dinner at home most of the time since I love to cook and lunch, if I have it, is generally a sandwich I quickly slap together before work or some leftovers). I find that with breakfast there are a lot of things I like to leave to the experts (i.e. poaching an egg). How about you? Do you have a meal you prefer to eat out?

The Buff is a sentimental spot for a few reasons. I lived in Boulder for 7 years, and this was the place to go for brunch. A group of at least 7 of us would pile into a car and head here to nurse whatever damage we had done to our bodies the night before. This little restaurant is kinda odd at first glance. It's housed within a Best Western and looks more like a hotel eatery than the best brunch spot in town. But don't let it's appearance fool you. The 99 cent bloody mary is what kept me coming back as a college student and well after and the Ole skillet is to die for. I still crave it on a nearly weekly basis. When Sophie and I ate here last week I definitely felt a little pang of nostalgia. But there are somethings worth going back for, and this place is one of them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: Active Child.

So this weekend, instead of going to the Reptar show, we went to see Active Child at Larimer Lounge. It was a really awesome show and everyone around us was so into the music (which is so much more entertaining than a bunch of bobbing heads). Their harpist, Pat Grossi, performed so well that I was almost compelled to bring out my own lever harp when I got home (I played regularly from the age of 8 to 18 but it's been 3 years since I've really played at all, awful I know). Anyways, Active Child-- have a listen:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Have a sweet weekend!

This weekend is sort of more bittersweet than sweet for me actually. It's Sophie's last few days in town and may be the last time I see her in quite a while so I'm afraid there might be some tears involved. We've had so much fun on our little adventures, I've kind of tucked away any feelings of sadness. Come Sunday though, they will be hard to ignore. In happier news, there is a lot of fun stuff going on this weekend! Tomorrow is the kickoff party for the Justice League of Street Food which is always so awesome. Food trucks and dancing-- count me in! After we are going to keep our feet moving and go see Reptar at the Ogden. Enjoy your weekend! xo.

And check out...

DIY: outdoor party tent. and other memorial day ideas.

MATCHSTICK: illustrations. by Mai Ly.

INSECT: jewelry. loving these.

SUMMER: style. via oh joy!

TREEHOUSE: point. take me to there.

WALL: clips. I've been looking for these forever!

CHOCOLATE: craving. everything I love in one bite.

PARIS: dreaming. got the travel itch right now.

DRESS: for summer. looks so comfortable, by emmeline.

LIVING: in, empire records. that movie never gets old.

BEAUTIFUL: things. magpie and rye.

INSTANT: love. sounds like my kinda book.

WATCH: this. Spring video by Need Supply Co. pretty clever.

ORGANIZE: your life. on my to do list.

(photo via dragontrees)

Deep thought thursday...

A few days ago I stumbled upon this post via Kate Miss (one of my daily reads, love her) and was truly inspired and impressed. It's a topic I've thought about many times-- how the blog world is just this little fraction of people's real not-even-close to perfect life. I'm guilty of it too, I admit. There is this overwhelming desire to show the {facebook, twitter, pinterest, blog} world that sliver of your life that is working so well. But what about the rest? Isn't it comforting to readers to see people's struggles? I often catch myself reading a blog and thinking...I'll never have that house, that family, that job, that life. The funny thing is...that life, is fictional. It doesn't look attainable because it isn't. Simple as that. There is always a mess somewhere and it's nice to know that more bloggers are banning together to show more of that mess. It's hard not to want to write your own list after reading these posts.  I'm sick of all the pretty pictures and perfection. Aren't you?

Wandering Wednesday: Devil's Food

It would have been hard to mess this one up I admit. Last Wednesday exactly, I took the day off work and spent it with two of my most favorite people. I picked Devil's Food for lunch, not because I really go there often, because I don't, but when I do it feels like I'm treating myself, which is exactly the kind of day I had in mind. Even though the front room was almost totally empty, we opted to wait to sit on the patio because it was gorgeous out and we had the time. Once we sat down I ordered a Cambric (which is steamed milk and tea of your choice. I always like it with earl grey) this place serves up a really creamy, nice one.

The atmosphere here is always really relaxed and mellow, which I greatly appreciate. It's not the best restaurant for large parties but a perfect spot for lunch dates if you're looking for somewhere unique and tasty. The walls are lined with trinkets and old fashioned sodas and candy (try a mallow cup if you go, trust me). There is a bakery section and a full coffee and tea bar as well, which is always tempting...the cream puffs have a way of calling my name as I try to leave almost every time. All in all, I like this place. I prefer it on the weekdays when it's quite and not so bustling. The best part? They make what I might have to call the best traditional eggs benedict in Denver. (which is a pretty huge statement for me to make)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: Beach House.

I saw Beach House preform live just over two years ago at the Bluebird accompanying a friend for her birthday and knowing very little about them. Needless to say, the show was incredible. NPR's first listen post of their most recent album Bloom made me shiver with excitement and very much lived up to my anticipation so I felt obliged to share...

The blurb that accompanies puts it very well saying, "Beach House has remained constant in tone, evolving incrementally through precise refinements." You can always tell it's them when you put on the record; it's the subtle changes they make that sets each album apart. I'm a fan. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sophie's visit, a timeline.

My beautiful friend Sophie came to visit me all the way from London! I was too busy playing hostess and showing her around Denver to sit down at the computer last week but that doesn't mean we didn't take plenty of pictures ;) So, just in case you were wondering where the heck I is the rundown...
Airport pick-up
Steuben's dinner
Brunch at Devil's Food
 Cheesman Park 
Liz's birthday party (featuring Etta, the cutest little kitten in the land)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, Monday...

I just can't seem to get a good schedule going lately with this dear blog. I wrote half a post on Friday but never finished it. Fail. I still wanted to share some links since I am always pinning and bookmarking away, even when I'm not blogging about it. How was your weekend?

JEWELRY: love. this ring is amazing.

GINGER: is one of my all time favorite flavors. so refreshing!

VINTAGE: poncho. so unique and beautiful.

ILLUSTRATION: by Victoria Whincup. exactly how I feel right now.

LOMO: cameras. beach themed!

MAKE: flavored butters. good on almost anything.

RAINY: day style. for days like today in Denver :)

MOTHER's: day card. so perfect.

SEQUINED: collar. to pop on anytime you like.

MINI: berry tarts. because everything is cuter mini.

SWING: by the ocean. take me to there.

PRINTS: by elise mahan. affordable and fantastic.

COLLAGE: work by matt wisniewski. gorgeous.

WATCH: when I grow up. is it bad that I still feel this way...

(love this photo, by we love unicorns)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: summer shoes.

My mind has been in shopping mode lately. I feel like this summer especially, for some reason, I am finding tons of items to fill me ever growing fantasy shopping cart (because I rarely purchase anything) and shoes might be on the top of that list. I'm loving the cut-out details, textures and soft colors I've been seeing all over the web. So instead of the usual wandering, I thought I'd share where my mind has been drifting off to in my free time....sigh, which one to choose?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello, May!

inching closer and closer to the summer!
(photo by me)