Friday, June 29, 2012

Have an adventurous weekend!

Can summer please stop flying by? I still have so many things to check off on that little to do list in my head. Camping and road trips, flea markets and estate sales. Summer is for adventure and my weekends have been way too tame lately. I need some spice in my life! So far my weekend agenda involves trying to change that :) Have fun guys!

Also look at this stuff...

WATCH: the herriott grace film.

FEARS: being faced + a recipe.

HOW TO: visit a french bakery.

CAMPING: chic. and adorably inconvenient.

SANDALS: that made me laugh. (is it weird that I think they are kind cute?)

FARM: porn.

PATRIOTIC: food for breakfast, snack and dessert!

BAG: summer essential.

SPACES: I wanna be in.

GUIDE: on what to do when lost in the woods.

SPRUCE: up your everyday clay pots!

MORE: clog love.

FOURTH: of July. What are your plans?

(photo via free people)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Deep thought thursday...

(via) i eat my usual fun size bag of m&m's at my desk. reminds me of this book that just came out. i wanna read it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: Pride.

What's my excuse for wearing a crop top all day, drinking before noon, and singing at the top of my lungs from the jukebox at the grimiest bar on Colfax? PRIDE. This was my first ever Denver Pridefest and I am telling you what, I have been missing out! We only got to see the last twenty or so minutes of the parade but the second we arrived we were greeted with hugs from Aly's brother and a beautiful bloody mary/mimosa bar spread. (these guys know how to party!) The people watching in Civic Center Park was magnificent (as you would expect) and I took a lot of not very blog appropriate photos. It was a total blast and I can't wait to do it again next year!

(photos by me & Aly)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday...

I've been accumulating quite a few lovely items at thrift & antique shops lately...

This is a mismatch of silky patterns from my favorite thrift shop in Boulder. I don't get to go too often anymore but when I do I really try to take my time and look at everything (it's a pretty large/kind of overwhelming store). The two dot patterns are scarfs, 2 dollars each and the safari looking print is a wonderful high waisted midi skirt, $7.

These adorable single serving milk bottles are the perfect juice glass. I actually bought 4 of them and found them at this amazing antique shop we stopped into just as we were leaving Townsend, TN, on our way back from the Smokies. $2 each.

Isn't this Pyrex serving plate in beautiful condition? The color looks a little dark here but it's a lovely bright teal blue. This is one of those items you see, grab, and look around in shock-- was I really the first one to get my hands on this? $5 (such a steal!).

I thrifted this maxi dress a few months ago (I'm drawing a blank on where). I just started wearing it a couple weeks ago and it's a really nice piece to just throw on and go out the door. I think the colors are really unique and lovely and it reminds me a little of something you'd see at free people nowadays. I also wanted to show off my new clogs. I've literally be deliberating over which style, color, brand to get for such a long time. I finally settled on getting the Lotta from Stockholm brand instead of Swedish Hasbeens because they are a lot cheaper and still pretty freaking cute. I have to say, I am happy with my choice.

I love this mini pitcher/vase. It is my little keepsake from our trip to the mountains. I found it at the same antique store outside of Townsend, TN and this photo is a little dark too but you can kind of see the vignette is a picture of three black bears in the woods. So perfect. We passed dozens of antique shops as we were leaving but this was one of the few that was open (it was a Sunday)...I wanna go back again and just antique! $4.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Have a sunny weekend!

Happy Friday friends! This week marked the official start of summer and I sure am feeling it. My desire to skip work and jump in a pool, bbq or go to the park instead is pretty much overwhelming lately. I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend and I would like to keep it that long as the sun is shining and maybe a body of water is nearby I'll be happy :) Have a good one!

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BANGLES: simple & wooden. do you wear bangles? I sometimes find them annoying but I love these!

COLORFUL: arrows. would make a neat display!

WATERMELON: smoothie. sounds so refreshing.

TANK: love. perfect for the summer.

IPHONE: clip-on lenses. wonder how well they work...

WATCH: this skate film. That's actually made really well.

SUMMER: eats. In a video.

VINTAGE: postcard travel journal. DIY.

BOOK: about, yes...blogging. by one of my favorite reads.

(photo via the streethearts)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

a little video...

I shot a little video I threw this together yesterday. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: Mount LaConte, Smoky Mountain National Park

Way back in February my mom called me up and asked me what my thoughts were on taking a trip out to the Smoky Mountains sometime during the summer. There is this magical time of year, she explained, that only happens in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and Malaysia, when the fireflies sync up. Yes, synchronized fireflies. I was totally sold. 

Along with the fireflies, she had a hike in mind. 

Have you been walking lately? You know you should really do a couple practice hikes before you get here. Do you have your boots yet? I'm not really sure if Kate is going to make it. Have you exercised at all recently? I think it's going to take about 5 hours up and 3 down, that's how long it took a friend of mine who went last year. Did you ever get those hiking boots? You better start working out on an incline, you know this hike is gonna be like climbing the Statue of Liberty five times. All up hill. You packed your hiking boots, right?

That is pretty much every conversation I had with my mom for 2 months straight.

Mt. LaConte is a 11 mile hike-- 5.5 miles up and 5.5 miles down. It took our six person crew 3 1/2 hours to climb to the top and 2 to reach the bottom. It is by far the prettiest hike I've ever been on. I was snapping photos by the minute. The tangling roots, the moss, the mini waterfalls, the purple rhododendrons, the jungle-like landscape, hundreds of ferns, dewdrops, the hanging fog that seemed to lift right as we got to the top-- it was all incredible.

If you ever go, go early. We decided to beat the crowd and pulled into the parking lot at 7:30 a.m. It made for a cooler, less crowded hike up, and because it had rained the night before, everything was a little damp. It was the perfect hiking weather. 

(photos taken by me)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: Grizzly Bear.

Grizzly Bear is finally putting out a new album in September and have released this song as a little taste, for those of us who can't stand the anticipation any longer. I just looked at their tour dates and am pretty bummed they are not coming to Denver, or Colorado for that matter, at all....looks like a road trip may be in my future...

Also, if you haven't checked out Daniel Rossen's solo EP, Silent Hour/Golden Mile, that came out a few months ago, you definitely should. This is one of my favs...

Monday, June 18, 2012


Nashville has changed by leaps and bounds since I left it 9 years ago. When I was growing up we visited the same late night taco joint, went to the same little strip of shops and camped out at the same coffee shop to escape the our parents, and talk about boys over a piece of caramel cake. Don't get me wrong...I loved it. And thankfully those places I just mentioned still exist....but when I left for college and moved across the country to Colorado, I hardly looked back with regret. Now I visit my family as a tourist in my own hometown. Almost every place I list below is new to me (except for a few old favorites), and there are parts of Nashville (including the neighborhood where my sister just bought a house), that I had never even stepped foot in until about a year ago. Suffice it to say, Nashville is impressing me more and more these days. Also, it is important to mention that the scenery knocks my socks off every time-- so. much. green. Good job hometown!

- So here's the rundown of my trip according to the places I visited -


9025 Crockett Rd.
Brentwood, TN


605 8th Ave. South

1888 Eastland Ave.

1892 Eastland Ave.
(the backyard mint will not disappoint!)

1896 Eastland Ave.

1200 Villa Place

700 Main St.


1721 21st Ave. S

630 7th Ave. S


1800 21st Ave S.

1024 Woodland St.

416 Boradway

411 Gallatin Ave.

(photos via me from my phone)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deep thought thursday...

(via- lyrics from Neutral Milk Hotel)

lagging behind again. spending my free time watching movies and discussing this very topic.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Denver and Nashville bits...


It's been hard keeping up a normal routine with my posts recently-- with friends in town and then leaving town myself and well, the sheer fact that it's summer and being on the computer seems more like a chore when it's amazing outside everyday.

I just spent the last week back in Tennessee visiting the family. The first couple days I stayed with my mom in Nashville, and then we packed up again and drove to the Smoky Mountains for the weekend. These photos are half Denver, half Nashville (starting with the knife shop) and the scenic ones are from a hike in Crockett Park. The trip was incredibly relaxing and nature embracing and I loved every minute of it. Tennessee pt. 2 coming soon...