Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wandering Wednesday: Fall Adventures at The Stanley Hotel, Lily Lake, Peak to Peak, etc...

It's been a while now, as you might have guessed, since this day. But it was one for the books and one I've been meaning to share for a while now. As fall sets in and the leaves start to turn in Colorado, I always become a little anxious. There is this pull to go to the mountains-- this feeling, that if you don't go soon you might miss it, and it's not something to be missed. This year we did it right and it felt good. Somehow it all came together on a random Tuesday back in September. I think it was just a few days before my birthday in fact. 4 friends on the road from Denver to Fort Collins. We stopped many times along the way-- for photo ops, views, a manhattan at the Stanley, and once to witness an elk bugle in Estes Park (the first I've ever heard, it was fascinating!). We ended our trip dancing, which is how you should always end a good day.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Welcome, November + Halloween.

Hello, lovely folks! It's been a long time, I know. When our home computer crashed back in the spring it pretty much killed my urge to blog on the regular. I was sneaking it in, rushing to get posts completed, and, honestly, the whole thing started to feel like a burden. I never want that for this space. The short hiatus turned into a leisurely vacation, I'll admit. So much time has passed that the seasons have changed....twice (where does the time go?). So, it really only makes sense to start right here, right where we are -- the weekend after Halloween, the 3rd day of November. 

This time of year always feels pretty crazy. So many holidays, back to back to back. When one is over, it's almost a sigh of relief. I definitely feel that way about Halloween this year. We dressed up and went to a party, but we didn't make it a weekend affair like we have in years past. One night and a handful of pictures was good enough for me. I also decided to keep it simple with the costume, grabbing most of it from my closet and filling in the rest with makeup and accessories. I have to say though, it turned out alright. Rob was a ringmaster and I was a gypsy. Side by side, we really made it work, if I do say so myself! Here's a look:
The good news is....we finally scraped up enough money to replace our computer and a brand spanking new one is arriving this week! It feels good guys, it feels really good. So hopefully you will be seeing more of me :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Wandering Wednesday: UMS {in pictures}

Vice already beat me to it and wrote a pretty great article about this wonderfully amazing, exhausting weekend that I look forward to every year. So I'll just paint the picture with visuals this time around. xo

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wandering Wednesday: Aly's New Orleans Bachelorette Weekend!

The rain didn't stop us! Although touring the French Quarter while it's pouring out gives off a very European vibe...crowded streets, too many people rushing around, dirt, grime, but there is something that keeps you there. I was indeed a tourist in this city. A first-timer in awe of it all. The city itself seems to stand on its own. Familiar, yet unfamiliar in so many ways. Its heritage is as rich as its food and the locals are proud to share that with you. We made so many friends in the 4 days we were there -- genuine people who were brought up to know what hospitality means. There is music coming out of every nook and cranny-- soul, motown and jazz. I like this city. A lot. 

Mainly, we did two things: ate and wandered. We also stayed in the most amazing, eclectic home that served as the best possible place to come back to after a long day of exploring. As I've done in the past with other trips...I will share our travel details in terms of lodging, eating, and partying (from what I can remember, wink, wink) because that is the best way for me to paint a picture of our short stay in this beautiful city. The three women I traveled with are some of my favorite women of all time. They have also quickly become my most favorite travel companions. And that is a bold statement. I feel like finding a good travel buddy is almost as rare as finding a good roommate. Some of the highlights of the trip include: live jazz at Vaughan's, po-boys at Parkway, our cab driver blasting Sam Cooke at 3am while we danced outside with strangers until a woman in her bath robe came and stopped us, swimming at The Country Club, and wearing crazy wigs on Bourbon Street (follow me on instagram if you wanna check that out). But really it's all a blur ;)


and for the crazier nights...


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello again + Yes, I will be your co-Maid of Honor!

HI FRIENDS! So sorry for disappearing. Life has been hectic as ever lately and keeping up with this ol' blog of mine has been challenging…especially since our main home computer decided to quit on us several weeks ago. Arg! BUT I love documenting life happenings here and have missed having a place for all my photos to land. So be prepared for a picture/post dump folks! I'm determined to get back on track!

This day happened a few months ago and was so unexpected and special. Aly, Kelsey and I had casually planned to go on a lady brunch date, no time or place in mind, and ended up at Luciles, an amazing creole-style eatery here in Denver. There is always a wait, so we ordered bloody marys, sat outside, and chatted in the sun. It was one of those perfect Colorado spring days in late April. I know, so long ago…I'm the worst. Anyways, we were finally sat, food and drinks were ordered, and our waitress quickly showed up with our second round of bloodys. We started to toast, cause duh, lady dates always need a toast, and as I raised my glass I noticed the prettiest little coaster hiding underneath! I immediately just started hugging Aly and saying how sweet she was and she was like…"So...what's your answer??" Hahaha. I guess I hadn't really felt like I needed to say it because I was so flattered and surprised, but of course YES, I accepted! So there it is. I am Aly's very proud co-Maid of Honor with my girl Kelsey as co-maid #2. I'm pretty sure Aly is the most low maintenance bride-to-be of all time, because, of all the things taking up my time this summer, this one has been the most fun and least stressful. We spent the rest of the day together drinking champagne and having a photo shoot ;) Wedding countdown as of today is 39! Crazy business!