Monday, March 25, 2013

Bits of my Instagram...

bringing out the gunne/ spring forward feast/ bunting nook
store window dreamcatcher/ skiing cheers!/ this girl's ready to learn how to ski!
finally bought a bed frame! / making music/ downtown Niwot

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks. The weather has been so fickle lately (ah, Colorado in March), but somewhere in the mix we had some true spring days, and I was excited to be enjoying long walks and skirts without tights again! Of course, that was turned around rather abruptly this weekend with another large snow storm. Good thing most of our friends live walking distance away! We did get one last weekend of skiing in, two weekends ago. Aly joined us this time and did a fabulous job putting on skis for the first time ever (she had snowboarded a handful of times before). Oh, and the best news? I became a real adult this weekend-- I bought a bed frame, a $50 steal I found on seriously changes the whole bedroom.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: Lannie's Clocktower + Greater Than Social Club, BWC.

Two weeks ago, we got all fancy on a Wednesday night, and headed downtown to Lannie's Clocktower to listen to some comedy and hear some good tunes by Bad Weather California. This was the second ever Greater Than Social Club, which is described as, "a monthly cabaret-style night of entertainment and spectacle in a decadent, historic venue featuring comedy, music, and more from mostly-local bands and comedians." How can you turn that down?! It is put on by Open Air radio -- which btw, if you haven't tuned into Open Air yet and you live in Denver, you should immediately give it a listen....turn your radio dial to AM, yes AM and it's 1340. trust me. -- and also put on by Greater Than Collective, which is a local record label that supports some awesome bands like Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Esme Patterson, Ian Cooke and A.Tom Collins. I am so happy someone thought this night up. The comedy was a refreshing change (and actually funny), the venue was gorgeous, and it gave me an excuse to wear my feathered hair piece, order a Manhattan and see one of my favorite Denver bands all in one place! Dreams really do come true.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Deep thought thursday...

this is what equals a good life.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: Tom's Urban 24

I have to say, this place made me feel like a bit of a tourist in my own town. Situated right on the corner of Larimer Square, the location alone boasts a certain eager crowd-- trendy, casual, 24 hours, and a huge menu that serves breakfast around the clock. I wasn't expecting to like it here, but I did. We sat upstairs, which I also thought I might hate, but it was quiet and the waiter was attentive. I had a goat cheese omelet and Rob had a Korean BBQ chicken sandwich (which he's still talking about) and all in all, for diner food, they are doing a damn fine job. And the sweet potato fries....mmmm. It was a random LoDo outing for us, but worthy of a second look. Cocktails next time.

P.S. check out the kid in the 1st photo at the table to the right-- peter parker right there. just now noticed that.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Have a chill weekend!

I actually had my weekend in the middle of my week. You know when that happens, and you can't wait for the weekend to hit so you can actually just chill out. I'm ready. My plans incude waiting for that snow stom to come and enjoying it completely. Have a good one guys!! x.

OBSESSED: with this cabinet.

WATCH: this cover. Isn't acapella so impressive! (thanks Adam!)

INTERVIEW: with an artist. Because they inspire me and they might inspire you too.

PUPPIES: because they make everything better.

CHEESE: wedding cake. You know someone had to do it.

GLASSES: cause you can never have too many.

DRINK: up. cause it's Friday.

PRETTY: and lovely.

ETSY: new find.

BEAUTIFUL: just is.

RANDOM: because I can.

ART: in a petri dish. gorgeous!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Bits of my weekend...

It was nice this weekend. I'm talking about springtime weather nice. It's always so great to have these pretty days fall on the weekend; they really motivate me to get things done. Activities included-- happy hour, walks around City Park, beers on the roof, playing with pups, waking up early and making it to my favorite bakery and even exploring a few new places. That sun sure did feel good!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Have a calm weekend.

This week has been a little rough on me so I am very much looking forward to the next few days. Tonight, Rob and I are going out on the town for restaurant week which is this awesome two week celebration of Denver's culinary scene. All participating restaurants offer a multi-course dinner for two people for $52.80. It's a total steal! And for people like us, who do a lot of dinners at home, it is a treat to eat out every once and awhile. Afterwards we are catching a show at the Bluebird and will probably spring for a nightcap here. That is all I know for now. One day at a time this weekend. Enjoy it!

and check out these links...

AERIAL photos: of tulip fields look like rainbows on the ground!

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MOTEL love: this is my kind of weekend escape! So cute.

PHOTOGRAPHER: captures girlfriend leading him around the world.

ADORABLE alert: this dress and this one. I guess red is my color today :)

TAKE me: to this place. Gorgeous photos.

WATCH: how to live with bed bugs.

COLORFUL: trays make me happy.

GOODS: store.

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