Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome to Friday.

Hello loves. How did this week treat you? I am getting over a minor cold (just some congestion and the sniffles) but I am determined to be productive this weekend. Tonight I am going out for a girls night, we're going dancing :) Tomorrow I plan on working on my Christmas presents since I am making most of them this year. I'm not giving anything away except for that little hint-- I'm still like somethings about Christmas to be a surprise. Well, that's about it...some me time is what I'm really hoping for- things have been a bit too busy for my liking lately. See you Monday!

Hey and here's something neat...

Ha! Couples that look like siblings.

Such a pretty picnic.

Fourteen actors acting.

DIY: cute chalk side table.

More gem jewelry.

I might just have to get this awesome teepee for Muffin for Christmas!

One pose per second.

Also, a few Christmas gift ideas:

- Knit Slipper Socks.
- Fox claw necklace.
- Pocket calender.
- Whales tea towel.
- Hidden owl tea cup.
- Baby deer notepad.
- Feather key hook.
- Thunder in our hearts tote.
- A little film diary.
- You can't go wrong with a...flask.

Hope that helps! x.

(image via tinywhitedaisies-- ps. I miss the snow)

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