Friday, February 18, 2011

Have a pretty weekend!

Hey guys! I'm so glad it's Friday. I didn't sleep well at all last night due to a bad migraine so I am definitely going to try for a post-work nap. Tonight, I'm thinking something along the lines of dinner and a movie sounds good. Saturday night I am going to the Hi-Dive to see Say Hi with a couple friends. I've never actually heard of them but hopefully it'll be a good show. Sunday is the usual, brunching and relaxing. And Monday is a holiday. Yay! Don't you just love long weekends? Hope you enjoy yours. x.

Look at what I found...

Aching for a trip to the seaside.

The hippest family I've ever seen.

Back to the future: these photo reenactments are uncanny. (Also, doesn't the first one look like a dorky Nicolas Cage)

Anthropologie does wedding!


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