Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Hello loves! Sorry my weekend posts have been a bit scarce. Fridays have been super busy for me and last night was no exception. I went to Benders to see my brother-n-laws band play, which was tons of fun. It was their 3rd show ever and I'm pretty proud of their progress. Tonight I am going to my friend Becca's house for a little party. I am a tad tired from last night though so I am trying to perk up with some caffeine right now. And hey, it's actually kinda warm outside, which is really helping my fatigue. The sun always makes me feel more alert. I am so aching for spring. Parallel parking in packed snow is not fun! Well, I'm gonna run to the store. I'm pickling green beans today! I'll let you know how it goes. x.

here are the goods I'm digging currently...

Just float.

Jamie Oliver is my hero.

These vintage wedding photos are pretty hilarious! (the outfits and the good!)

Pigeons...this photo is so awesome.

wishlist: these shoes and this dress.

DIY: wooden headboard, genius!

Another sweet Etsy shop.

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