Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A short vacation...

I know it's only Wednesday but I am headed to Washington D.C. for a little vacation tomorrow so I will be signing off early this week. I am really looking forward to taking some time off of work and experiencing a change of scenery. I'm visiting two of my most favorite college friends, Aly and Stuart. They moved out to D.C. a couple years ago when Stuart started law school at Georgetown, and I am really excited for them to show me around! There are so many museums and monuments to see and the best part is most of it's free. My friend Kelsey is coming along as well so we will have quite the crew touring around our nation's capitol. I'll be sure and take lots of pictures to share with you!

Here are a few things to keep you busy while I'm gone...

A Post-it review of disaster films. (p.s. Starlee Kine is one of my favorite contributors to This American Life. She's hilarious. If you have an hour to kill do yourself a favor and listen to the one titled "Break-up" and thank me later.)

Human pacman.

It's cookie time: make your own (vegan) Thin Mints! (not a Thin Mint fan? try this Tagalong recipe)

Whoa! Mount St. Helens almost 31 years ago.

Yellow, I think you are my new favorite color.

More pancakes: cake batter ones :)

I cooked lobster too on Valentine's day but it was only the tail...and I forgot to take pictures. It was really tasty and surprisingly easy.

Lovely mismatch.

The roaring sea.

(photo via rockstar dairies)

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