Friday, October 28, 2011

have a spooky weekend + happy halloween!

For the halloween weekend I hope to eat loads of candy, be impressed with all the clever costumes and dance til my feet hurt (which might not take too long since my costume requires heels). Both weekend nights are booked with parties, which already shows up last year. Luckily, the weather is looking to be fairly mild, phew. I love any excuse for fun pictures-- so excited!
be safe + happy halloween!


+ halloween decor: awesome pacman garland.

+ tried + true: amazing recipes I consumed this week...

+ a video: this made my heart swell, I absolutely love this idea...balloons.

+ winter wear: mountain peak beanie!

+ Merida, Spain: wow! what a fantastic skate park.

+lol!: really creative/hilarious halloween costume idea. (more here...)

+ goodbye autumn: tear.

+ naturally curly haired ladies: genius tips from the real deal.

+ make your own: grown-up halloween candy...

+ etsy want: tripod lamp. (also, this made me laugh)

+ anthropologie: the tumblr.

(photo via--don't you miss being a kid sometimes?)

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