Monday, November 19, 2012

These days...

These days I've been getting pretty good at ignoring this little blog, aye? Not to fret. I can catch you up in a jiffy! Here I am flying home for Thanksgiving tomorrow and I haven't even posted since Halloween....I am a little sad about that. Mostly because I feel like I've been doing some really great things and I have been wanting to post; it's just been harder than usual to make the time. I would like to recap the time lost, mostly with photos but also a little description.

So this is what happened...

-- it snowed--

-- and then it melted very shortly after--

-- I made coffee with my new french-press that I'm in love with--

-- I got new glasses--

-- my mom came to visit--

-- we went to the art museum...mainly to see the Van Gogh exhibit, but also to admire fancy European furniture--

-- we sipped tea and read magazines--

-- she bought me some clothes and plants--

--  My mom is the cutest --

Also not pictured are a lot of game & movie nights, dinners with friends and cooking....because that's pretty much all I do in the winter.

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