Friday, December 14, 2012

Have a wonderful weekend!

Well, the year is winding down. And I'm procrastinating more and more (aren't we all) here is a short one for your Friday. Hope your weekend is filled with many holiday parties and festivities. I am finishing up last min projects and, of course, shopping, til the bitter end. Have a good one. xo

and take a look at...

DRUNK history: does it again. (with my favorite no doubt)

WRAPPING presents: in creative ways...

GLITTER everywhere: feathers. ornaments, eyes, shoes, dress

PEPPERMINT everything: cookie. wreath, meringues, milkshake

CALENDARS 2013: the perfect 'anyone' gift.

WINTER getaways: I wish, oh I wish... (renting a yurt sounds almost do-able!)

DEEP thought: because I missed yesterday.

FANTASYland: let's go!

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