Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving {part I}...


We only spent about 8 hours in Memphis total but I managed to take a lot of photos. I already told you all about the Eddie Vedder concert but before and after the show we had some fun as well. The night started with a sweet drink at the Peabody hotel. If you know much about Memphis you may have heard of the Peabody and their famous ducks, but I came for a different reason-- a Brandy Alexander. It's basically like a delicious boozy milkshake. We happened to get there around 5 o'clock though, which is exactly when the duck march we ordered our cocktails and positioned ourselves for duck gazing. It's pretty hilarious the whole thing...and gets you thinking about traditions and how strange they can be, but sometimes it just feels good to be a tourist. For dinner we headed up the alley to the Rendezvous where we chowed down on bbq ribs and brisket. Fun fact: my parents actually got engaged at the Rendezvous. Yep, my dad asked my mom to marry him at a bbq restaurant. I'm not sure what that says about my family, but I'm pretty sure it's something awesome. After the show, we capped the night off with a stroll down Beale Street. We were too exhausted to keep it going much longer, but the down home blues seeped into the streets and gave us enough of a taste that we were satisfied.

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