Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tennessee pt. 2: good to be home.

^^ the real deal! at Edley's
^^ Sunday hike at Shelby Bottoms with my family and Merle, the great dane. 

^^ queen anne's lace is so beautiful
^^ more Wesley time! love these of she and her daddy. 
^^ my sister, brother-n-law and I saw Frances Ha late night at the Belcourt Theater
^^ 32 weeks!
When I am home, we spend a lot of time on my mom's screened in porch...talking, laughing and enjoying each other. I think it's my favorite thing to do, especially in the summer with a lovely adult beverage in hand. It was particularly fun this last trip, because we had little baby Wesley to pass around as we chatted. These photos are what a lot of my trips home look like-- family, food, and a touch of nature. I really like to get a hike in if possible when I'm home. Hiking in Tennessee is very different from hiking in Colorado-- more lush, less altitude. The trees are so dense and green, and everything is growing wild and almost out of control. We saw a snake this time as wandered down the 'ecology trail'! My mom was out of there pretty quickly :)

I'll be back again in Nashville early August for my sister's birth. It's hard not to look back on this past year and get a little emotional. With my sister becoming a mother, and my brother now being a father, things are really pretty special right now.

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