Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: Friendsgiving 2013

my apologies. i've been in quite the blogging funk lately. I've attempted to write about a weeks worth of half entries. all saved to my drafts, lonely and unpublished. This, though, I had to share. Because it was a total blast and also because 'tis the season for sharing :)

Last weekend we celebrated Friendsgiving. I know this is a common thing-- to get your friends together and have some sort of a festive gathering before the 'real' Thanksgiving. Your friends often feel like your family right? and for me, being the lone wolf out here in Colorado, they are my rock. So this year, we did a potluck style dinner with a little twist. Before we ate-- there were games. Really silly ones. You see, over the summer we had this idea of having a field day, like the one everyone has in elementary school (think three legged race, etc)…but we never did it. And then I was on Pinterest and found this and thought BRILLIANT! Thus the first annual Friendsgiving/Game day extravaganza was born. I realize that there aren't that many pictures of food here, but trust me we ate plenty... it's just the wine was flowing freely at that point so ya know... There was a little bit of a flaw in the whole games first, food second idea, since some of us still had to cook afterwards but nothing a little Oxiclean, and improvisation couldn't handle. I made pumpkin pie and brussels spouts, we roasted two chickens instead of doing a turkey, and I think I had the most fun rearranging and decorating our place to accommodate the festivities. So with the actual day upon us, Happy Thanksgiving friends! I am super thankful to have such a solid bunch of people surrounding me-- family and friends-- this year especially has been one for the books.

(more pics of the actual games are on my Instagram if you're interested)

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