Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Hello folks! This weekend has been so beautiful here in Denver. I spent the day at the park riding my bike and throwing the frisbee around. It was pretty wonderful. I like that feeling you get when you've been active all's so invigorating. Tonight I am just going to make dinner and watch movies. I've been a bit of a homebody lately. Partly because I'm broke but also cause I kinda like it. I've been busy at work for the past couple of weeks so it's really so nice to come home and just lay around the house. Anyhow, thought I'd pop in and share some neat stuff I saw around the web this week...


Pretty jewels.

Effortless beauty.


10 movie posters...restyled.

Waffeled maccoroni and cheeeese!

Old pups.

Pink lipstick+ blonde hair= amazing.

Racet you could make one yourself.

Sun boxes.

I like walks.

Beautiful quilts.

I love, love, love this.

(via theyearwas91)

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