Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wandering Wednesday: Aly's New Orleans Bachelorette Weekend!

The rain didn't stop us! Although touring the French Quarter while it's pouring out gives off a very European vibe...crowded streets, too many people rushing around, dirt, grime, but there is something that keeps you there. I was indeed a tourist in this city. A first-timer in awe of it all. The city itself seems to stand on its own. Familiar, yet unfamiliar in so many ways. Its heritage is as rich as its food and the locals are proud to share that with you. We made so many friends in the 4 days we were there -- genuine people who were brought up to know what hospitality means. There is music coming out of every nook and cranny-- soul, motown and jazz. I like this city. A lot. 

Mainly, we did two things: ate and wandered. We also stayed in the most amazing, eclectic home that served as the best possible place to come back to after a long day of exploring. As I've done in the past with other trips...I will share our travel details in terms of lodging, eating, and partying (from what I can remember, wink, wink) because that is the best way for me to paint a picture of our short stay in this beautiful city. The three women I traveled with are some of my favorite women of all time. They have also quickly become my most favorite travel companions. And that is a bold statement. I feel like finding a good travel buddy is almost as rare as finding a good roommate. Some of the highlights of the trip include: live jazz at Vaughan's, po-boys at Parkway, our cab driver blasting Sam Cooke at 3am while we danced outside with strangers until a woman in her bath robe came and stopped us, swimming at The Country Club, and wearing crazy wigs on Bourbon Street (follow me on instagram if you wanna check that out). But really it's all a blur ;)


and for the crazier nights...


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