Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello again + Yes, I will be your co-Maid of Honor!

HI FRIENDS! So sorry for disappearing. Life has been hectic as ever lately and keeping up with this ol' blog of mine has been challenging…especially since our main home computer decided to quit on us several weeks ago. Arg! BUT I love documenting life happenings here and have missed having a place for all my photos to land. So be prepared for a picture/post dump folks! I'm determined to get back on track!

This day happened a few months ago and was so unexpected and special. Aly, Kelsey and I had casually planned to go on a lady brunch date, no time or place in mind, and ended up at Luciles, an amazing creole-style eatery here in Denver. There is always a wait, so we ordered bloody marys, sat outside, and chatted in the sun. It was one of those perfect Colorado spring days in late April. I know, so long ago…I'm the worst. Anyways, we were finally sat, food and drinks were ordered, and our waitress quickly showed up with our second round of bloodys. We started to toast, cause duh, lady dates always need a toast, and as I raised my glass I noticed the prettiest little coaster hiding underneath! I immediately just started hugging Aly and saying how sweet she was and she was like…"So...what's your answer??" Hahaha. I guess I hadn't really felt like I needed to say it because I was so flattered and surprised, but of course YES, I accepted! So there it is. I am Aly's very proud co-Maid of Honor with my girl Kelsey as co-maid #2. I'm pretty sure Aly is the most low maintenance bride-to-be of all time, because, of all the things taking up my time this summer, this one has been the most fun and least stressful. We spent the rest of the day together drinking champagne and having a photo shoot ;) Wedding countdown as of today is 39! Crazy business!

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  1. You the best girl. Can't wait to be at the end of the aisle with you by my side. SOON! xoxo