Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wandering Wednesday: Fall Adventures at The Stanley Hotel, Lily Lake, Peak to Peak, etc...

It's been a while now, as you might have guessed, since this day. But it was one for the books and one I've been meaning to share for a while now. As fall sets in and the leaves start to turn in Colorado, I always become a little anxious. There is this pull to go to the mountains-- this feeling, that if you don't go soon you might miss it, and it's not something to be missed. This year we did it right and it felt good. Somehow it all came together on a random Tuesday back in September. I think it was just a few days before my birthday in fact. 4 friends on the road from Denver to Fort Collins. We stopped many times along the way-- for photo ops, views, a manhattan at the Stanley, and once to witness an elk bugle in Estes Park (the first I've ever heard, it was fascinating!). We ended our trip dancing, which is how you should always end a good day.

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