Thursday, December 8, 2011

TN Thanksgiving pt. 2

Don't worry....just because I got an iphone does not mean I will stop shooting film! It's just fun and convenient (and new!) for me right now but I will still be carrying around at least 3 cameras at a time!

Here are some photos from a roll I took on Thanksgiving day. The Gregory's (my sister-n-law's family) live on a farm about 20 min away from Nashville and it is the perfect spot for a large family gathering. It was such a gorgeous day, sunny and unseasonably warm. I love the feel of this place. I love seeing my family all around me, doing different things, chatting in separate places and then coming together for a meal. warm heart.


  1. ooh that last kitty photo. love.

    looks like a beautiful thanksgiving :D

  2. thanks Chandra, you take beautiful photographs as well. just checked out your blog. thanks for stopping by!