Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wandering Wednesday: Quiet moments.

I know this is kind of cheating (because I am technically not wandering anywhere) but I've been really enjoying my down time lately. Sometimes I feel like my apartment is too comfortable. We decorated for the holidays last week, hung ornaments on our *tiny* tree and baked cookies. It's so warm and cozy feeling right now I have a hard time leaving. It's so nice to live in a space you love. There is something about snuggling up with a book and some tea, while watching the snow fall from the 3rd floor. You just can't beat it.


  1. Hoorah I'm so happy you're reading the History of Love. It's mood is so romantic and sleepy and perfect for this time of year

  2. I love it! I'm very close to being done and then I need more recommendations by Whitney....and yes, the tone is spot on for my mood lately. x

  3. i want to be in your house for christmas.