Friday, July 6, 2012

Have a glorious weekend!

Hope everyone's 4th of July was fun and happy! It was nice to have a little break midweek, huh? Mine wasn't especially exciting but I can't really complain about a full day with friends, hanging out, and playing with my friend Aly's goldendoodle puppy. I'm trying to finish up this roll of film so I can share the pics soon. It seriously looks like a stuffed animal come to life. The cutest. Anyways, more adventure finding this weekend hopefully. and beating the heat. xo.

Have a look...

LAWS: of modern man.

SANDWICHES: are my favorite.

PATTERN: love, via vintage book covers.

NAUTICAL: print. so lovely.

VEGETARIAN: meals...5 recipes for under $50 total. (loving these handbooks by the Everygirl)

SHOP: find. this first aid kit is amazing.

SUMMER: style. good stuff.

BEHIND: the scenes. Moonrise Kingdom. (love.)

PAPER: is a delicate thing.

QUILTS: are best homemade.

POPSICLES: gourmet.

CAMERA: strap beauty. 

(photo by dragontrees)

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