Friday, March 8, 2013

Have a chill weekend!

I actually had my weekend in the middle of my week. You know when that happens, and you can't wait for the weekend to hit so you can actually just chill out. I'm ready. My plans incude waiting for that snow stom to come and enjoying it completely. Have a good one guys!! x.

OBSESSED: with this cabinet.

WATCH: this cover. Isn't acapella so impressive! (thanks Adam!)

INTERVIEW: with an artist. Because they inspire me and they might inspire you too.

PUPPIES: because they make everything better.

CHEESE: wedding cake. You know someone had to do it.

GLASSES: cause you can never have too many.

DRINK: up. cause it's Friday.

PRETTY: and lovely.

ETSY: new find.

BEAUTIFUL: just is.

RANDOM: because I can.

ART: in a petri dish. gorgeous!

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  1. such nice finds bean. can you please come out to sf and help me decorate my new crib and play at the beach?

  2. miss. whit...I would so love that! as soon as I can scrape the money together, I'm there!