Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: Tom's Urban 24

I have to say, this place made me feel like a bit of a tourist in my own town. Situated right on the corner of Larimer Square, the location alone boasts a certain eager crowd-- trendy, casual, 24 hours, and a huge menu that serves breakfast around the clock. I wasn't expecting to like it here, but I did. We sat upstairs, which I also thought I might hate, but it was quiet and the waiter was attentive. I had a goat cheese omelet and Rob had a Korean BBQ chicken sandwich (which he's still talking about) and all in all, for diner food, they are doing a damn fine job. And the sweet potato fries....mmmm. It was a random LoDo outing for us, but worthy of a second look. Cocktails next time.

P.S. check out the kid in the 1st photo at the table to the right-- peter parker right there. just now noticed that.

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