Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market Summer 2013.

What seems like forever ago, I was completely caught off guard when I was contacted via this very blog to take pictures for the summer Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market. I thought this was pretty awesome because not only is the Horseshoe Market one of my favorite summer events, but helping out the Denver craft community is something I'm all about! Also, it's likely that I was already going with my camera in hand :) so this was just an added little bonus. As you can see, there was so much to look at-- beautifully embroidered wall hangings, homemade soaps, terrariums, sweet vintage dresses. This place has the good stuff guys. I noticed this time around that there were tons of refurbished airstreams and trailers that had been retrofitted into fun mobile boutiques. It was so fascinating to walk around and peek inside each one-- they were all really uniquely styled and had their own story to go along with them. I got curious afterwards and looked a few up, so here is a list of my favs, if you care to take a look...

Texas based
1963 Airstream Globetrotter
Follow their journey here.

Denver, CO
1964 Aristocrat Trailer
Follow them on Facebook to see where they show up next

West Coast
1970s Serro Scotty camper
Follow along the adventure here.

Denver, CO
check out their next local event here

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