Friday, June 20, 2014

MAKE: Mint Ginger Lemongrass Syrup

Simple syrup is one of those things that you make once and wonder why you've never done it before. It is soooo easy, and I guarantee you always have the ingredients on hand. It's a 1:1 measurement. Water to sugar. That's it. And once you've nailed that, the variations are endless....which is how I found myself making this recipe.

Is the sight of neglected, browned herbs in your fridge a familiar one? For me, I would say most definitely yes. I'll keep half a bunch of basil thinking "I'll do something with it". Nope. I come to find it weeks later looking very sad at the back of the fridge. Good news guys, this recipe can do wonders for that problem!

In this particular case, I had leftover lemongrass and ginger from various dinners I cooked last week, and a huge bunch of mint that I grabbed randomly from the asian market once again thinking, "I'll do something with it". And you know what?...I DID! Obviously you can omit any of these flavors to make an even simpler syrup but I thought these would go nicely together as a threesome. I didn't really measure my herbs so this is kind of a guesstimate recipe….

Ingredients: Makes 4.5-5 cups 
(this is a large batch recipe, I recommend cutting the sugar, water ratio down if you are only using it for one purpose)
3 cups water
3 cups sugar (I used one cup of turbinado sugar, two cup granulated)
bunch of mint
1 inch piece of ginger, chopped
1 stalk of lemon grass, chopped thin
In a medium saucepan combine sugar, water and herbs and bring to a boil over medium heat. 
Stir until sugar is completely dissolved.
Allow mixture to cool.
Strain the mixture and discard herbs. 
Pour into a sealed container, glass jar or bottle.

* If you are new to the world of simple syrup and would like a few suggestions on how to use it, here are a few of my favorites:

- add sweetness to iced or hot tea

- Make a fancy cocktail, a Mojito or Mint Julep would be perfect for this recipe

- Popsicles! Mix fresh fruit, syrup and some water or juice, blend, and you have your next popsicle creation 

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