Monday, April 20, 2015

MAKE: Calendula Oil + {VIDEO}

Ever since this day last summer, I've been more and more interested in learning how to use natural ingredients and herbs to treat everyday ailments. Living in Colorado, dry skin is most certainly a condition that plagues me on the regular. So I did a little research and noticed that this little yellow flower kept popping up. Calendula, also called pot marigold, or just marigold, is seriously a wonder flower! Its culinary and medical usefulness is so vast that it seems like it might cure anything. One of the most common uses for this beautiful golden herb is in natural skincare recipes. Calendula is known to display regenerative properties, as well as anti-fungal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory qualities. It is used to remedy common skincare problems such as acne and Eczema and even aids in the treatment of sprains, bruises, and snake bites!

I chose to infuse my oil using the 'solar method', which basically means I let the sun and time do all the work by placing it on my windowsill for about 4 weeks. The "recipe" is very straight forward and only requires two ingredients and a jar. It's not an exact measurement so don't worry about being too precise. All you need is...

+ Dried Calendula petals

+ Carrier Oil (any carrier oil will do, I used Olive Oil)

+ Clean glass jar

Fill a clean & dry jar with the Calendula petals. About two handfuls or halfway will do.
Top the jar off with your carrier oil.
Secure the lid and place it in a warm sunny place for around a month.
Every now and then give the jar a shake.
After 4 weeks or so, remove the oil from window.
Strain your oil with cheesecloth or a tea sieve.
Label & store in a cool, shady place.

Your oil will stay good for about a year, but the sooner you use it the better and the more beneficial. This oil can be used alone or combined with other ingredients and essential oils to make lotions or salves. It's fun to play around and experiment with your own personal homemade recipes! Here are a few to get you started:

Lavender and Calendula Healing Hand Salve by Hello Natural

Homemade Neosporin by Live Simply

Making Calendula Sunshine Cold Pressed Soap by Soap Queen

You can harvest and dry your own Calendula, or you can do what I did and get it from a local apothecary shop. They also sell dry herbs in bulk at many health food stores or you can find them online.

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