Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have a lovely weekend...

Hello my dears. it seriously the end of August? What happened? It is already starting to get dark earlier and I am hating it. Mostly because it just reminds me that soon I will be driving home from work as the sun is setting--I'm so not ready for that. Okay well, let's discuss something more fun, the weekend. Any plans? Tonight I am going bowling with some buddies here--they have $1 games and $5 pitchers of PBR, steal! I have been wanting to go for a while now and we finally got a small crew together so I'm pretty excited. Saturday I'm going toDenver does Denver, which is an event where local Denver bands cover other local Denver bands. Such a fun idea! My friends the Pink Hawks are covering my friends Bad Weather California. It should be down right awesome.

Also, I like...


Welcome back students!

What songs would be on your mix tape?

I don't usually post about weddings-- but this airstream mountain wedding looks amazing.

Please give them to me...all of them, thanks.

Love this simple bed frame...I think I'm too old to be sleeping on the floor.

adorable illustration.

bento boxes...I am kind of obsessed with you.

summer day-- (I love the little crabs)

Take me here.

(this photo reminds me of the road trip!-- via scissors)-- Also, sorry for the post delay, I wrote most of this yesterday and had to tie up some loose ends. x.

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