Friday, May 6, 2011

Have a loving weekend!

Well, it's birthday season again...does this happen to anyone else? All my friends and family seem to be born in clumps that fall right around September/October and April/May. It's actually quite nice for my weekend plans because there is plenty to do. Tomorrow I will be celebrating my friend Brian's birthday at Wash Park-- drinks, bocce ball and a high dose of sunshine is in order. Later on that night I am going to see my friends, the Goochi Boiz, play at the Hi-Dive along with some other rad bands. You will also definitely find me outside enjoying the 80 degree weather! And, don't forget Mother's Day on Sunday! I so wish I was able to hang out with my mom this year but a phone call will have to suffice. Last year I got to spend the day with her at a vineyard in Tennessee and it was just lovely. Happy Weekend!


awesome ariel photographs (the one of the flower fields blows me away!)

One of my favorite things: breakfast outside.

Summer trend: COLOR

More (very important) motherly advice.

And don't forget about dad.

Fused together.

(Photo via Leo Fuchs)

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