Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making sushi.

I just realized that I still haven't told you all about my sushi making class I took in April. Well, last month I took a 3 hour training class at Generous Servings and it was extremely helpful. We made miso soup, rice, handrolls and 2 different kinds of maki rolls. The class environment was super laid back and even though I went alone and was doing this with a bunch of strangers, it didn't feel awkward at all. We had tons of food at the end of it all (spicy tuna rolls, salmon, avocado, etc..) which is pretty much my dream-- never ending sushi, and we all sat down at a long table and ate together. The class taught me a lot and I recommend it to anyone who might be interested in learning a new skill (they have tons of options for classes including French pastry making and Indian cooking). Some helpful tips I walked away with...

* 'Sushi grade' is a made-up term but when choosing fish make sure it is fresh. Go to a place like Whole Foods or your local fish monger and ask what days they get their shipment to ensure freshness. Buy loins or thick filets, not steaks.

* When working with the rice keep your hands cold and wet to prevent stickiness

* Don't overstuff with ingredients!

* Moisten your knives and slide them across rather than pressing down as you cut the roll.

*The sharper the knife the better

* Any short grain rice will do

* Before cooking the rice rinse it several times (we did 7x) until the water underneath is no longer murky but clear

*After cooking the rice for about 15-20 min, let it sit with the lid on for another 20 min

* Slice the fish at a 45 degree angle, across the grain, about 1/6" thick pieces

* To prep fish: skin, debone and cut into a block shape

I can't wait to actually use what I learned sometime soon!

(video via Carl Kleiner)

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