Friday, May 13, 2011

Have a fabulous weekend!

My weekend is crammed full. Back to back to overlapping back. Except for Sunday. Sunday will save me. Tonight I am having dinner at a friends place and then heading to the Mercury Cafe to catch the Pink Hawks CD release party with BWC. Saturday I am going to two birthday parties and in between I'm going to try and squeeze in an appearance at the Create Denver Mix & Assemble event. Sunday I'd like to make it to the Crafty Ballyhoo...but I'm not gonna push it. Phew, it'll be busy, but fun! And I'll make sure to take lots of pictures. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

And look at all this...

Beautiful photos across America.

A love story, in milk.

How would you like to take a nap in one of these?

The Impossible Project! (read the question for the giveaway and comments below, what photo would you grab?)

Tim Walker's dream world (ha, look at those cats!)

A couple online reads.

An incredible picture of the human heart.

Loving messy braids.

Remember this print? It's now for sale.

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  1. oh cristiny youre such a busy bee :) my weekend is packed with packing (so much less fun) and lots of annoying family time. haaah. miss you. xoxo