Friday, January 13, 2012

Have a beautiful weekend!

I feel like it's snowy everywhere but here right now. We had a little teaser on Wednesday but it melted by midday. It's supposed to get up to 60 degrees again this weekend-- geeeez Colorado, get it together! Weekend happenings include dinner tonight with some pals (I'm making these, couldn't resist!) dancing here on Saturday and I'll probably round it out with a lazy Sunday. Happy Weekend guys!

Link love...

WATCH: Made in Iceland.

CARD shop: think Valentine's Day.

REAL simple: best budget makeup. (also: eyeshadow tutorial, I am so bad at these kinds of things!)

ETSY find: cute headscarfs!

DEEP space: print by Samantha Hahn.

JOY of: books.

SPRING swoon: madewell.

MAGAZINE launch: Reverie.

SUPER excited: Moonrise Kingdom.

SWEET: drawing (reminds me of that commercial)

SASSY shoes: love the wooden heel.

MUG love: fox ink blot!

VINTAGE photos: always have a lovely whimsy about them.

(Photos by Anna Aden.)


  1. Christine! Your blog is just amazing! It made my Friday night rock (so what if I am sitting at home on a Friday night) - I shared the mag, Reverie, with a friend who is getting married and she loved it!

    You are so much fun! Keep it up!

  2. You're so sweet Gayle! Thanks for the encouragement; it keeps me going ;)