Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY: Instagram photos, a look backwards...

It is so easy to grab my phone, click, choose a filter, and like magic, an 'old school' photo appears. Before Instagram existed this whole process would have been much more complicated. It involved physical action, money and way more anticipation. You needed to own the camera, buy the film, load the film, take the photos, process the film, pay for the development and then, finally, you get your photo. For me convenience and often times, curiosity are the reasons why I love Instagram. However, I am still a huge romantic when it comes to actual, tangible film. Which is why I love this poster. It teaches you how to get Instagram results with real life cameras. Kinda backwards, right? Well that's technology for ya! I want to try this so bad!

*click the link to see the full enlargement of the poster! sorry it's so hard to read.*

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