Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

Sometimes in the winter I get a major case of cabin fever. Right now I would kill for a mini road trip or to be swept away for a bit. Where would you go? In my daydreams lately I visit Iceland, Sweden or anywhere that has a wonderful secluded cabin. Mmmm, that's my happy spot.

My weekend is really pretty free. I have this impulse to bake a cake, so I might do that. I need to find a friend with a birthday coming up or something so I can have an excuse, although you never really need an excuse for cake. I was thinking something that looks like this or this, we'll see. Have a lovely one folks!

Also, look at...

DREAMY photographs: Stephanie Wiegner. (website here)

CREATIVE space: love this studio desk area.

BIKE shelf: by knife & saw

VANLENTINE'S day: is for suckers.

CUTE shot: the Sartorialist.

VERNACULAR typography: watch it.

ILLUSTRATION love: Emily Carew Woodard.

PONYANARCHY: yet another, online mag.

BEET chips: sounds awesome!

ADELE covers: now if you're really bored, check this out.