Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: The Denver Bicycle Cafe

I know it's actually Thursday, and I've been incredibly neglectful of this dear old blog lately (eek, I can't believe I let it go a full week!) but this week just slipped away from me! My sincere apologies! Now on with the post...

The Denver Bicycle Cafe reminds me of the type of shop you might see in Portland or Seattle. The concept is quite brilliant actually. It's a bike shop, coffee shop, bar-- all rolled into one. The idea is that you'd come in, get a little tune up, and stay for a fresh cup of locally brewed coffee or perhaps even a microbrew. The cafe has a friendly vibe, with a large community table in the center and several small tables lining the sides of the exposed brick walls. The bar area definitely dominates the space and spans into both rooms, allowing for plenty of room for laptops and extra friends.

When I visited a few days ago, I plopped my self down at what looked like the "play area". Large chairs and a big leather couch looked onto a projection of the Muppets (seriously) playing on wall. Cups full of crayons, board games and stacks of magazines were tempting me throughout my stay. Who can concentrate on work when there are so many amazing distractions? I did not bring my bike in, in fact, the greasing station looked pretty lonely from where I was sitting, but I'm sure once the summer arrives this place will be crawling with hipsters and fixed gear bikes. Welcome to the neighborhood, Denver Bicycle Cafe!

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  1. Sounds fun! I'd be guzzling beer and coloring for sure. Good willpower, Bean!