Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: Frozen Dead Guy Days...

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, my roommates and I headed up to Nederland for Frozen Dead Guy Days. It's an annual celebration that started about 10 years ago in honor of an actual town resident who was keeping her fathers cryogenically frozen body in a shack behind her house (read more about that, here). The story generated quite a buzz in the news, so much so, that there is now a full weekend dedicated to it. Just like the story, the celebration itself is pretty goofy and features events such as a coffin race, icy turkey bowling, a brain freeze contest, and the famous polar plunge, where a few brave souls jump into a freezing cold lake for a twenty dollar fee. Yep, you read that right. The money goes to charity though so it's for a good cause! All in all it's a pretty awesome event! It's fun and silly and there is good beer. Oh, and a really rad fossils and geodes store.

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