Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday...

I've been accumulating quite a few lovely items at thrift & antique shops lately...

This is a mismatch of silky patterns from my favorite thrift shop in Boulder. I don't get to go too often anymore but when I do I really try to take my time and look at everything (it's a pretty large/kind of overwhelming store). The two dot patterns are scarfs, 2 dollars each and the safari looking print is a wonderful high waisted midi skirt, $7.

These adorable single serving milk bottles are the perfect juice glass. I actually bought 4 of them and found them at this amazing antique shop we stopped into just as we were leaving Townsend, TN, on our way back from the Smokies. $2 each.

Isn't this Pyrex serving plate in beautiful condition? The color looks a little dark here but it's a lovely bright teal blue. This is one of those items you see, grab, and look around in shock-- was I really the first one to get my hands on this? $5 (such a steal!).

I thrifted this maxi dress a few months ago (I'm drawing a blank on where). I just started wearing it a couple weeks ago and it's a really nice piece to just throw on and go out the door. I think the colors are really unique and lovely and it reminds me a little of something you'd see at free people nowadays. I also wanted to show off my new clogs. I've literally be deliberating over which style, color, brand to get for such a long time. I finally settled on getting the Lotta from Stockholm brand instead of Swedish Hasbeens because they are a lot cheaper and still pretty freaking cute. I have to say, I am happy with my choice.

I love this mini pitcher/vase. It is my little keepsake from our trip to the mountains. I found it at the same antique store outside of Townsend, TN and this photo is a little dark too but you can kind of see the vignette is a picture of three black bears in the woods. So perfect. We passed dozens of antique shops as we were leaving but this was one of the few that was open (it was a Sunday)...I wanna go back again and just antique! $4.

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