Friday, June 29, 2012

Have an adventurous weekend!

Can summer please stop flying by? I still have so many things to check off on that little to do list in my head. Camping and road trips, flea markets and estate sales. Summer is for adventure and my weekends have been way too tame lately. I need some spice in my life! So far my weekend agenda involves trying to change that :) Have fun guys!

Also look at this stuff...

WATCH: the herriott grace film.

FEARS: being faced + a recipe.

HOW TO: visit a french bakery.

CAMPING: chic. and adorably inconvenient.

SANDALS: that made me laugh. (is it weird that I think they are kind cute?)

FARM: porn.

PATRIOTIC: food for breakfast, snack and dessert!

BAG: summer essential.

SPACES: I wanna be in.

GUIDE: on what to do when lost in the woods.

SPRUCE: up your everyday clay pots!

MORE: clog love.

FOURTH: of July. What are your plans?

(photo via free people)

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