Friday, June 22, 2012

Have a sunny weekend!

Happy Friday friends! This week marked the official start of summer and I sure am feeling it. My desire to skip work and jump in a pool, bbq or go to the park instead is pretty much overwhelming lately. I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend and I would like to keep it that long as the sun is shining and maybe a body of water is nearby I'll be happy :) Have a good one!

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WE ARE LUCKY: project. Really interesting.

SALMON: salad. looks delish!

PRETTY: photographer.

PIE: savory & sweet.

BANGLES: simple & wooden. do you wear bangles? I sometimes find them annoying but I love these!

COLORFUL: arrows. would make a neat display!

WATERMELON: smoothie. sounds so refreshing.

TANK: love. perfect for the summer.

IPHONE: clip-on lenses. wonder how well they work...

WATCH: this skate film. That's actually made really well.

SUMMER: eats. In a video.

VINTAGE: postcard travel journal. DIY.

BOOK: about, yes...blogging. by one of my favorite reads.

(photo via the streethearts)

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