Friday, August 24, 2012

Have a wonderful weekend!

I love this photo because it is the epitome of August. With the addition of a few glasses of wine or a couple of PBR cans, I can imagine all my friends on this roof. This is what the end of the summer feels like....waiting. It's sad that slowly the warm weather is ending, but I love fall and welcome it with open arms (as long as it lasts more than a couple weeks, ahem Colorado). This weekend I have only a few plans in the works. Tonight I am making Pad Thai and taking it easy. Tomorrow is dinner with buds and later, a friend's vinyl release party. I'm sure more will arise but for now I am fine with just that. Hope you all had a great week and maybe sit on some rooftops this weekend ;)

And, link love....

ACCESSORIZE: with this beauty. Love this shop.

MASK: by Minikin. getting me thinking about Halloween :)

GIRLS: a three year old and a five year old explain the worst haircut ever. so hilarious.

SHOP: bags. these are serious works of art.

RECIPE: Smoky Spanish Mussels. p.s. how to clean and cook mussels, this site is sweet!

SPACES: this South African eatery. and this incredible room.

FALL: on the brain.

COLLAGES: by Beth Hoeckel.

BRANCH: weaving. time for a new project! (and other awesome DIY's)

INSPIRATION: watch. (also watch, I wanna live in this photo shoot)

CUPCAKES: 33 of them.

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