Friday, October 12, 2012

Life lately + Happy Friday!

I know I had promised more action around here but we lost our internet for about 10 days so it's Comcast's fault; I relinquish all blame. On the up side, fall is in full swing around here and I'm absolutely loving it! I feel like fall is the beginning of people coming together... there are more potlucks and dinner parties, craft nights and cozy movie nights. These are some of my favorite ways to spend an evening, so I've really been enjoying the shift in seasons. These photos are from my Instagram and are really just a taste of life lately. Lots of walks around the neighborhood, some redecorating, a night in, a night out and a Sunday morning bloody mary party. I made a terrarium home for the gems I got at the mineral show a few weeks ago and it looks awesome in our little plant corner! Also, I have been really into going through my cookbooks for recipe inspiration lately (I know, so old fashioned!). It's funny how a lack of internet (and Pinterest especially) can bring you back to the classic, tangible cookbook. Rob and I made a thai curry noodle soup from this book that was seriously one of the best things I think I've ever made. I'll have to post the recipe soon! No links today, just a catch up, but the normal blogging schedule will resume next week (although I'm not making any promises)! Have a beautiful weekend! x.

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