Friday, September 28, 2012

Have a cozy weekend!

Maybe I'm jumping the gun here since I'm still seeing numbers beginning with 8 in Denver's 5 day forecast but man, it's sure feeling like autumn over here! I'm loving the crisp nights and am so excited to be eating it up the entire weekend with a book in hand and a steaming cup of tea by my side. Mmmmm. Unpack those wooly socks, boots and scarfs y'all! I'm not sure what's in store this weekend, but I am on the hunt for a new kitchen table, which means I will most likely be going here and probably some thrift stores as well. I am also planning on taking at least one leisurely stroll around City Park so I can get a glimpse of those trees in full color before it all disappears. Enjoy your weekend! x.

You should check out...

ADVENTURES: in salmon fishing....aren't these photos gorgeous?

LOL: this card made me laugh! so cute...

CUTE: little make-up bag.

FALL: flavors. my favorite.

HAIR: accessories. a girl can't have too many.

SPICE: shakers. a modern take. (also love this honey jar)

DEVOUR: tea towel.

KITCHEN: utensils. I'm a sucker for anything copper.

PATCHES: on your knees. and your elbows.

POSTCARD: set...featuring your favorite mythical creature.

CUSTOM: madeconnects consumers looking for fine custom home furnishings and unique goods with the skilled Makers who create them. brilliant. (via swissmiss)

PRETTY: photographs. especially love this one.

MUG: set. perfect for these upcoming fall days :) love me some Marimekko

(image via girl from the north country)

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