Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: Mount Princeton

I'm pretty sure last weekend was the coldest weekend this winter so far...and it just happened to be the one we chose to go up to Mount Princeton. It was below freezing the entire time, but the chill in the air made the plunge into that hot water all the sweeter :) The only time I really found myself cursing the snow was climbing down the rocks into the river, but once I found a good spot, laid back and looked up at the sky, all was forgotten. It was such a beautiful night. So many stars! We even saw a shooting star towards the end of the evening, which made all the cold completely worth it.

For dinner, Liz and I made spanakopita and this roasted red pepper soup (omg, yum). It was the perfect hearty cabin meal! I'm just going to come out and say was a bit of a "couples retreat," but the evening ended -- as most of our hangs do -- with the girls drinking wine and chatting away while the boys played cards and talked metaphysics. It really was such a nice weekend escape. I'm know I'm just scratching that itch to have a cabin of my own one day. One day. Sigh. 

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