Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deep thought thursday...

You know when things happen, and it seems like they might have happened at the most poignant and coincidental time that they could possibly have happened? Well, on the first day of this new year I dropped my iphone into the toilet. Plop. Just like that. I was at my friend Joanna's house ringing in the new year with dear friends and instead of putting it in my purse, like usual, I placed it in my back pocket so I didn't have to drag all my belongings around with me. If you know me well you might know that a. it is very rare for me to even be wearing something that has back pockets and b. I have a pretty squeaky clean reputation with phones. Pre-iphone, I had the same crappy samsung for over 3 years and never once dropped, broke or lost it. I know this is so obviously where this little post is leading...but my phone dropped into the toilet on January 1st...not January 2nd or 12th. So this means something right?!  Don't laugh. I see signs in everything and this is no exception. After thinking it over for a few days and moving from the denial stage to the acceptance one, this is what I have decided...

1. I haven't been shooting enough film lately and have relied on my phone too much for my photography endeavors
2. I become overwhelmed in simulating photo taking situations (i.e. Christmas) due to the act of juggling both my phone and camera resulting in messy picture taking and mediocre results.
3. I gotta back up my sh*t
4. taking little breaks from technology is good for me a way, those jeans were the best decision I've made all year. ;)

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