Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: Jackson, TN + A Baby Shower

^^ all my girls! Such pretty mamas :) 

 When I was planning this baby shower from so many miles away, I had pictures in my head of how I wanted it to look, but had no idea how any of it would turn out. I was so anxious to get to TN and put everything in its place! Luckily the decorations we ordered arrived on time, and we had plenty of helping hands. Honestly, the day was so gorgeous, and the setting was so perfect, that all the little details were just the icing on the cake! With spring in full bloom right now, My dad's backyard is the dream setting for a baby shower and the seventy degree weather wasn't too shabby either. We invited mainly family and close friends and decided that, although a lot of baby showers are gender exclusive, we wanted the men there too ;) With that in mind, I created a game that revolved around the new dads, and called it 'The Newly Dad' game. (the basic gist of the game is explained here, but I tweaked it a little) The best part of the whole party was that all of my families were all in one place at one time...step, ex, in-law, you name it, everyone showed up! One big,happy,dysfunctional family! To some that might sound like a total nightmare, but to me it was pretty amazing to see everyone together, sharing this beautiful day. I can't wait for these baby girls to join in on all the fun! It's funny how these sorts of things can bring the most unlikely crew together. And this crew, my family, is the best crew around in my book! 

...until next time Tennessee.

the decorative details:
Green Watering Cans: Zulily
Party Favors: Plant a Memory
Petifores and Cookies: Shirley's Bakery
Bunting Flags: Berry a la Mode
Game Rule Illustrations/Design: Aly Aga

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