Friday, April 19, 2013

Have a fun weekend!

My mind is in full fledge spring mode lately. Even though the weather this week has told me otherwise, I am determined to be done with winter. I want to be outside, and feel light, and airy, and enjoy it all. So there. What are you up to this weekend? Tonight is date night so I am putting on a cute dress and some lipstick and going out to dinner with my man. I love spending an evening eating great food. The rest of the weekend is pretty undecided at this point...but this made me laugh.

Also, around the web...

YOU: are my wild. Love this project that asks 18 photographers to document and photograph their children. They capture the spirit of being young so well and in such a unique style.

QUICK: and easy dinner idea! (and on a budget too ;)

OVERALLS: what do you think? yay or nay?

NEW: this american life was crazy this week! Did anyone else listen in?

CUTEST: dest accessory ever. and also totally impractical.

THROW: and grow. Confetti that turns to wildflowers. so much fun.

SUNNY: low back dress. Perfect for the summer. (itcantcomesoonenough)

PINATA: cookies. Amazing.

GIRLS: sketches. more from leah here.

RANDOM: type that I like.

WATCH: Prada Candy L'eau.

CONVERSATIONS: with Birdie. Such a sweet series by mom James from Bleubird Vintage. You can also watch the other two here.

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